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We have to work to get what we want

I'm feeling a little bit bored of this journal. Maybe it's time to create a new one.

One where I can post my silly little 'adventures' in and mad experiments. What mad experiment? I dunno *insert rawrface*

And maybe I'll try some CSS out for once and make emotes out of my characters. Yay here may come some adverts (not me - I has ad-blockers mwahahaha) as I can't be doing with this rubbish basic account now, but I'm not paying for more features.


I must admit Linux is being a bit of a pain... Banshee doesn't remember where my music is stored (on my windows patrician) when I boot up, and rhythmbox is the same, at least I've figured I don't actually need to import the library every single time as all I have to do is open a music file manually and then play it... it's like I'm jogging it's memory but it's all rather strange. I've looked through the preferences and settings and stuff and can't figure it out. I'll probably figure it out eventually.
Another thing... my mp3 player doesn't show up in Places either *rawrface* so I won't be managing my music on Ubuntu until I figure out how to sort out all this.

It doesn't rain on my desktop anymore ;___; though I think I may have solved this, I just need to restart first. Compiz has slowed the computer down sooo much. But it's so shiny 8D...

Gimp comes up as three windows instead of one like it does on windows so it take up a lot of room on my task bar ¬¬. (not the same one window thing they're thinking of for Gimp 2.8 though)

I still haven't connected my phone to see if that'll work yet, though I don't have high hopes since both my phone and mp3 player are sony... Still need to get software for my printer that will tell me how much ink is in it, also haven't tried the scanner on here so goodness knows how that'll go. Oh and then there's my rubbish camera that I'll probably try hooking up on here as well.

Also, despite the whole hoo-ha that Linux is immune to viruses...malware...blah blah (I don't believe a word, though I do know it's safer then windows) I'll probably try sorting out some kind of a anti-virus and firewall (though this may mean messing around with ports and god knows what)

And just generally Linux is making me work my arse off just to get it working how I'd like it to.

But despite all this... you want to know why I prefer Linux to Windows?

It's a challenge. Practically everything is open-source. I can view codes and change it if I wish (though I doubt I'll be doing for a while yet, if ever - unless it's needed to get any of the above working :P) Linux looks like the perfect learning environment. It's peculiarly fun yet annoying, but I like that.

If I want to find and install new software it's there just within a few clicks. Everything updates at the same time and when you want it to. You don't have to shut down as often (though I'm using a laptop so I just do so anyway)

I don't know what Macs are like in that respect but I'll tell you one thing... they're a lot more expensive in terms of software. Everything I get on here is free which suits me fine. =3

But basically, I like challenges. Those who are looking for a computer that does exactly what they want with minimal knowledge and effort have their heads in the clouds in my opinion. Long gone are the days where the only people using a computer were the ones who programmed it from scratch.

Having said that though I wish I knew more programming...



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