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Beef Jerky (Without the Beef)

I really need some new avatars D:

It turns out that my version of GIMP was 2.6.4 and I needed the 2.6.6 version if I wanted to animate. But when I checked the downloads section on their site then they had an even newer version. (2.2.7)

I thought I might as well turn this into a tutorial kinda thing on how to animate on GIMP. So click if you’re interested :3

If you don’t have photoshop or any other drawing software because you don’t want to cough up money for it then get GIMP, because it’s free and it’s a fairly powerful tool despite that.

I’ve downloaded the newest version from their site (www.gimp.org).
Something you should note if you’re looking through their tutorial here: www.gimp.org/tutorials/Simple_Animations/ is that they say that you can preview the animation like so:
Filters -> Animation -> Animation Playback
This is true enough, but don’t do what I did and look for filters in the ‘image’ dropdown menu. There’s a menu called filters and it’s near the bottom of that on my version.

I’ve also noticed that they seem to have a new thing called GAP (GIMP Animation Package) but I’ve yet to find where on their site you can get it. I don’t know what it does exactly, but for now I’ll just stick to the normal version.

Onto the animation 8D

Yesterday I found a useful walk cycle tutorial on deviantart. It’s here if you’re interested: http://lrdkazul.deviantart.com/art/Walk-Cycle-Tutorial-38405925
It shows how the legs interact with one another.

Although legs are a problem there’s still more. The animation won’t look that dynamic if the body, head and tail don’t move in the right way either. Not that I’m expecting much movement in the body anyway, maybe mainly along the spine. I don’t know yet, I’ll probably try and find a few videos of a big cat walking on You Tube somewhere to get those details.

From that tutorial I have managed to make a rough (and jerky) animation. It’s got nine frames, and the timing between each one is half a second. It’ll need even more frames though if I want it smoother, and the timing faster.
The darker lines are meant to represent the character’s left legs (the side that’s closest to us :3).

Each frame was done on paper, and then scanned. Here they are before I turned each one into a frame on GIMP (If you can see them :P):

It was fairly simple to turn it into an animation once I had turned each image into separate layers (frames).
I named the first layer - one(500ms)
The second – two(500ms)
One and two are just names, and it doesn’t matter what you put outside the brackets. I suppose you could call it lemon pie if you want, but the (500ms) is important. 500 is half a second. If you want a second between each frame then make it (1000ms). Whatever number is in the brackets is the number of milliseconds that will pass before it moves on, choose whatever number you want. Make sure that the ‘ms’ is after the number though.

Once each frame has been given it’s time then I played it back. (Filters – animation – playback, then press the play icon.)

After that I saved it as a GIF and it asked me if I wanted to save it as an animation. Obviously I did. :P
Hope that was helpful in some small way.



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