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Nearer the Now

Animation Project....Thingamabobber

For ages I’ve wanted to animate something, and I have a few ideas. But (as there is always a damnable but) there are a few problems that I’m not sure how to solve. Maybe there’s a tutorial on dA somewhere that I should be looking for…

Since I haven’t got anything worth uploading in terms of my new story idea yet I’ll just use my LJ as a journal as to how this animation project shall go 8D. It’s not going to be anything major, so don’t expect colour or an amazing 10 minute long cartoon. I’m not that good. All I want is to animate one of my character’s walk cycles.

First problem: I don’t have flash or PSP, so I’m going to have to learn how to animate on GIMP (apparently it can be done)

Second problem: Drawing (possibly) 12 frames or more and keeping the subject at the same size each time is going to be hard.

Third problem: The mechanics. This I think I shall find the most problematic. Where do I place my character’s legs as he walks?

Here’s 3 minute doodles of my new character:

He usually walks on two legs, but because I want someone to be riding on his back he’ll walk like a quadruped. I'll update as things progress. Also, might add some info on the mentioned characters.


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Sep. 12th, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
8D Thankies for the comment!

Yes, I'll tell you if I find out. I *think* if you want to do animation on GIMP you need to download an extra bit, but I'm pretty certain it's free. I'll (hopefully) overcome the problem when I get to it.

Though I do remember reading that each frame on the GIMP is a layer, and adding a certain number to the end of each layer's name determines how long it lasts before it changes to the next one. That's all I remember for now though. I'll probably end up adding all the processes as I go through them up here 8D

The character is called Isuthis. :3
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