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We have to work to get what we want

I'm feeling a little bit bored of this journal. Maybe it's time to create a new one.

One where I can post my silly little 'adventures' in and mad experiments. What mad experiment? I dunno *insert rawrface*

And maybe I'll try some CSS out for once and make emotes out of my characters. Yay here may come some adverts (not me - I has ad-blockers mwahahaha) as I can't be doing with this rubbish basic account now, but I'm not paying for more features.

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I find the universe a very odd thing indeed, or rather the mind. My two characters Isuthis and Mezla have names I thought I had made up, yet it seems that they do actually have meaning.

A while after I came up with the name Isuthis, I noticed how similar to ‘Anubis’ it was. Which is pretty fitting considering that Anubis is the Egyptian God of Death, and Isuthis has a pretty similar job. Maybe his name subconsciously came from that?

And today I randomly searched ‘Mezla’ in google to make sure that no one else has a character with the same name, and it turns out that Mezla is actually a word…


Mezla: The flow of energy, consciousness, and matter through its various phases of expression in the Tree of Life, from subtle unity of the absolute to the dense realm of matter.”

And another article here:


Another fitting name. Her element is air/electricity and she creates new life from the souls which Isuthis frees (to put it short). Though, to be honest that description could fit well for Karrad too as he deals with the mind and dreams/inspiration.

Maybe I’ll update this journal once I’ve looked up the meanings behind my other deity character’s names. That’s saying if I can even find anything.

Either way I find it rather amusing that this has happened and makes me wonder how interconnected everything really is. Or maybe language has incredibly subtle ways of communicating visions and meanings through very few words, even without people knowing what the word actually means.

Ack! It’s a difficult thing to explain, though I do remember seeing an experiment on one of the documentary channels which spoke of something very similar to what I’m trying to say.

I think I’ve entered the long dark tea time of the soul…

Plotting things

I’ve just been struck down by another idea. Animation is one thing I’ve wanted to do for a while, but another thing on my goal list is to make some kind of comic/graphic novel.


And just a few minutes ago I realised what I shall do. A few weeks ago I started a poem/song thingy that was sort of like a story, based on something that happens on my new world. Instead of adding dialogue (or have at least very little) I shall use the poem instead and draw the scenes. It might work out, it may not though; I’ve still got to finish writing it, and make sure it includes the necessary bits. But this is just another of my crazy ideas.


For those who are actually interested, it’ll be called ‘Physical Anomaly’. Maybe that makes no sense, but it sounded like a nice title to me.

Beef Jerky (without the Jerky this time)

It’s been a while since my last update, but don’t fret because I’m still poking around with animation on GIMP.

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Beef Jerky (Without the Beef)

I really need some new avatars D:

It turns out that my version of GIMP was 2.6.4 and I needed the 2.6.6 version if I wanted to animate. But when I checked the downloads section on their site then they had an even newer version. (2.2.7)

I thought I might as well turn this into a tutorial kinda thing on how to animate on GIMP. So click if you’re interested :3
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Animation Project....Thingamabobber

For ages I’ve wanted to animate something, and I have a few ideas. But (as there is always a damnable but) there are a few problems that I’m not sure how to solve. Maybe there’s a tutorial on dA somewhere that I should be looking for…

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